Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Make Art Special?

I have a client who has an incredible collection of art and over-sized frames that her family has collected for generations.  She has art on every wall in every room.  It's like walking through a gallery.  The issue: you lose the value of the pieces because there are so many.  Not a bad problem to have but as I designer, I was hired to help her refresh her space.  Possibly re-hang some of her existing pieces and try to make the rooms unique, younger, fresher and have a 'pop'.  I'm excited about this challenge!  I want her to be able to experience her art in a new way, how can I rearrange her furnishings, add color, pattern and texture so her art collection will breath life into her space again?
I love this!  A fun collection of photography and prints, simple colors in the furnishings but a bold Fuschia chair!
Such a fun space!  I love they way the Art is carried throughout the wall and is places lower than the buffet.  The Pattern on the chairs- love and the purple Madeline Weinrib rug pops as art also!
Bright white walls with a fun painting and a Bold pattern rug.
A beautifully displayed gallery wall of black & white sketches.

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  1. Ooo! I love the last 2 spaces. The white with bold color accents is more lively and the muted with black and white has a very cozy feeling. Such a fun job, this one ;-)