Monday, July 2, 2012

Light it up- Neon Sign Art

Neon as art, why not?!  I customized my 'You Only Live Once' sign {image below} in a project recently and now my attention is on Neon- I'm seeing it everywhere!  It usually reminds me of the movie poster from Cocktail w/ Tom Cruise circa 1988.  Right?  remember that??
 I love how these designers have integrated a pop of neon into these spaces below. 
Penny Farthing Design House- $1200
Mine!  Em Design Interiors- $1800
The Design Files via Poppytalk
Source: Elizabeth Stanley Design
"Let's Go Anywhere." Neon sign by Sarah Foelske, personal project
Do you have any idea how they are made?  Neon signs are made of glass tubes bent into letters or shapes and filled with inert gas. When the electric current hits the electrodes in the tubes, electrons flow through the gas, making its atoms glow. The type of gas in the tubes, determine the color of the light.
To create different colors, neon artists can parlay the two base colors into over 80 different colors by using glass tubes that are coated in fluorescent powders. For instance, blue glowing argon gas in a yellow tube, emits a green light.
To shape the tubes, artists use a glass blowing technique. 
Using transparent clips, they mount the sign onto a black or clear plexiglass backing. Finally, they connect the protruding electrode wires to a neon transformer. A neon transformer converts the standard 110 volt current, from our normal wall outlets, into high voltage current (3k to 15k volts) needed to power a neon sign.  Sound complicated?  Source

Source:  "Hi Tom!"

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