Friday, July 13, 2012

Ode to Hanging Chairs

It was music to my ears when a client told me her daughter wanted to have a hanging chair in her room.  This why I LOVE doing kids rooms.  It's a way for me to live vicariously through a child and let my creativity run wild.  Kids are great and designing for them is very inspiring.  Don't get me wrong, kids aren't the only ones having fun!
yes I totally dorked out using picmonkey on this board
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Adult spaces can be very chic and fun too, let's see how!

For the more organic look, go with a painted Rattan chair.
I've had a crush on this room since I saw it for the first time in Lonny.
 I love the teal swing just casually placed in the corner of this mod living room.

One for each kids, so cool!

images from my Pinterest


  1. Looks so cozy! I wouldn't mind having one hanging in a corner of my house for evening reading. :)

  2. that picture from Lonny is amazing. the rug is perfect.

  3. Can you tell me where chair no. 1 is from? It's amazing I have to have it!

  4. i would LOVE to cuddle up in one of these chairs with a book and a good snack. wonderful choices!

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