Monday, July 9, 2012

Pattern Play- TIMOTHY SUE removable wallpaper

One of the biggest hits in my Teen room at Showcase house was the remarkable ceiling.  I had installed removable wallpaper Hearts Apart by Timothy Sue.  People's first reaction was typically "Is that stencil?  Is that hand-painted?"  The designer who created it- Colette Clark has a fine art background so she integrates her hand-rendered quality with digital printing techniques.  The result is one of a kind.  Not only are the patterns incredible but the the quality of the product is very unique! 
 This is just a sampling of her fun patterns and colors.  You must check out her site to see other colorways and patterns.
The ceiling of my Teen Room, Hearts Apart by Timothy Sue.
No surprise the designer is a complete knockout!  If you want to learn about the creative mind behind the product, read her bio here.

People often ask about the removable part.  It's not that you'd want to remove it.  It's just that you can remove it.  It's easier to install, no adhesive required, easy to remove and reposition if necessary.  It's wipeable too which is great for tiny hands who leave prints on the wall!  Fabulous for family friendly spaces.

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