Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christian, I heart you

Since I'm cleaning out the house this week of all the furniture I've hoarded away after showcase, I figured I'd dedicate this fantastic Wednesday Wears to the super fabulous dress I wore to the opening party of the showcase.  I was lucky enough to wear a Christian Siriano Tulip dress.   
You say what?!
Yes, sometimes you just have to ask...  
Please explain.
The fantastically cool back story of my obsession can be found here and here but basically I had been inspired by his fashion line since I laid eyes on it back in January.  He was so spot on with the color trends for the coming Spring/Summer season, I took that vibe and ran with it for my Teen Room.

Me getting ready in my cute dress.  A tad giddy.
I figured, how perfect would it be to wear one of his gowns at the event?!  Maybe this one?  or that one?
So late one night I  emailed his general web e-mail address telling him my dreams of wearing a Christian gown to my event, yada yada.  Jump forward a couple months and believe it or not, 2 days before the event.... I get a box in the mail with a dress that CS sent from NYC!  Yes, he seriously came through?!  Really?
The fun part... the green tulip dress fit like a glove!  And it completely matched my room!  I had rushed out a week before to Payless and scored these super cute Christian Siriano for Payless pumps, shown here.  I mean really?  How fab is this?  A girls dream come true.
My uber helpful besties Cecile & Coco who helped me with this project from the beginning!  So thankful for them.           **I scored the vintage purple necklace from Coco's collection of costume jewelry. 
My girl Laurie, who is my first full-timer at EM Design. 
My hubby Andrew looking so suave!   
Pardon the crappy pics but I was too wrapped up in a fun night and only took pics with my iPhone!

Thanks Christian!


  1. How fun! Such a beautiful dress... he did good & the color looks gorgeous on you!

  2. So many things to love about today's post. The dress & the COLOR are amazing.