Monday, August 13, 2012

Dorm Room Duo

I've been working on a few fun rooms for clients lately that have teenagers or more like {pre} teens.  Either way, their design ideas don't resemble an ounce of the pre-teen room I had when I was 12 years old.  They feel much more sophisticated and cool thanks to Urban Outfitters and other places making hip design accessible to youth.  While designing these I felt like it would be super fun translating these ideas into a dorm room.  If you could by-pass the horrendous wood paneling, florescent lighting and extra-long twin beds, it could be super cute.  Here is a snippet of what I've been drumming up for them.
 print  |  light  |  bed  |  shelves  |  chair  |  rug  |  bedding  |  table  |  pillow 
neon  |  bed  |  rug  |  lamppillow  |  throw  | paper  |  bedding  |  chair
I also found a few images of rooms that are a million times cooler than the dorm room I had Freshman Year!
For the Suite?!
We should have a dorm design challenge.  Any Takers?!


  1. Yeah I definitely wish my dorm room looked anywhere remotely close to even one of these pictures!! That'd be a total blessing!! I did the best I could though :) and thankfully I was out of there by my sophomore year! Love your ideas though for the girls rooms :)

  2. Good Casual Styling....! Thanks for your pictures they give me another vision to design my life casually.