Friday, August 24, 2012

It's her party- She's 2!

She's almost 2!  As fun as it is to see my little one grow up, every year I always have a teeny bit of sadness to know that Isabel will never be this age again.  She won't have this amazingly cute voice forever and maybe one day she'll grow into those big blue eyes.  Guess I'm feeling a tad sentimental, can you blame me?  I want to bottle her little sassiness up and save it forever.
 We are headed out of town on her actual birthday so we had a small family gathering last weekend.  She asked for Princess cookie cakes.  Such a girly girl.  No, I didn't make her that fabulous wreath cake below, {maybe when she's 13} but we did make the cute sprinkle cookies (bottom left). 
Fun Ideas for a DIY Princess party.  For sources, click here.

Happy Birthday Isabel!

A look back to last year.

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