Monday, August 6, 2012

Tipple Trolley by Society Social

I used this fantastic Tipple Trolley in the SF Dec showcase house, it floated in the corner of my Teen Hang Out Room.  The cart comes in an array of colors but I selected a classic combo of white rattan w/ gold accents.  Instead of setting up bar, I staged it with age appropriate soda and candy.  Well, I still have this cart and unfortunately it's just sitting in storage collecting dust.  I'd love to find a good home for it!   It retails for $439 and I'm selling it for $325!  Def hit me up if you are interested. 
Tipple Trolley in action.  For sale sale sale...
Close Up

If you haven't noticed, Society Social is hot right now, they are making bar carts a staple in any interior again.  Roxy is a marketing genius, I love her designs, colors and playful approach to furniture (and accessories). 

The cute spread she did on my in my room, check out page 59 of her Manifesto Magalog.
 My Tipple Trolley pics by: Portraits to the People
Other Images via Society Social


  1. its SO cute! i wish i had more space!

  2. Love it!! I'm doing a blog post featuring your gorgeous interior talents (tomorrow, Tuesday at 6am central time) & would love for you to check it out!

    1. @Landi, Thanks! You are adorable! I will check it out!

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