Monday, October 22, 2012

coffee tables moms love

How do you make a living space work with kids AND look nice?  It's not always easy and you often have to find compromise. 
My clients are always asking for a space that is pleasing for them and their families.   Whether their kids are school age or teeny toddlers; their needs are all the same, the space needs to be practical and attractive
Here are a few of my 'go-to' pieces that attract a wide range of styles.
1- Lee Industries    2-Dwell Studio   3- Room & Board  4-Anthropologie  5-LandofNod     6- Lex Mod  7-Jonathan Adler  8-Hickory Chair   9-Bludot
 1-MGBW   2-Bungalow5   3-Plantation Home   4-Vintage lucite   5-Hickory   6-Bungalow5    7-Ikea   8-Zincdoor    9- Restoration Hardware

My general advice is:
  • Buy something affordable. Your needs may change in about 3-5 years so commit to a piece that will last as long as you need it.
  • Be practical.  If you have kids under 3, it's smart to have super soft edges; try an upholstered ottoman or poufs.
  • Provide storage.  Pre-school age+ probably requires something with storage.  A drawer to hide a coloring book or a few toys.
  • Any age, the table needs to be durable.  If I find a table I love that is white, paint it!  If you apply a high-gloss paint it's easily wipe able.  If it gets warn down, re-paint it in a year!
  • Keep it simple.  The space may not reflect your dream design but it's important to be realistic.  You have kids, they are hard on furniture.  Get something that can take a beating and know you can replace it down the road.
Do you have any family friendly coffee table favorites you want to share?
Do tell!

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  1. Great advise! We had a square coffee table that the kids were constantly crashing into. We have traded it for something round, no sharp corners in sight! I love the idea of an upholstered ottoman too. Yels xox