Monday, October 8, 2012

Easing into it

I'm taking baby steps into this blog world again.  I was a tad frustrated at myself for taking a little break and then it seemed impossible for me to do a new post.  I miss this as a creative outlet.  Big time!
I feel like my projects were all in heavy duty design mode for months, which inspired me to post.  Now they are all in expediting phase which has me heavy on the details and buried in paperwork. 
Not the glamorous part of my job but realistically the main part of my job!  I don't have a magic wand to make these designs happen.

I was able to sneak in an install recently for Phase II of a job I started last November.  It's been an incredibly fun project with a client who really understands design now and appreciates what her home does for her.  I received the sweetest message from her the day after we did the install-
"I was so happy to wake up in my house today.  Everywhere I look it is amazing.  I feel happy and peaceful in my own home, in a way that I never have before my whole life.  What you do is incredible, a true gift.  Thank you.  I feel blessed." - super generous and thoughtful client

Interior Design may not be life changing to all but no doubt it's able to bring joy to your family.  The install day was physically exhausting but also rejuvenating to me and my work.  Cheers to super supportive clients!

A lucky 3  year old was introduced to his Big Boy room! 

We installed dining room (sans delayed chairs).  It was a nice snippet into their dramatic space!  Can't wait to see it all come together!  My excitement was purchasing a table sight unseen and being super pleased with the end result!  Phew.
I'm back and ready to share again.  Feels nice.

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