Tuesday, October 30, 2012

fave DIY kid costume

We completely dropped the ball this year with costumes.  The kids were picky about what they wanted to be and we (adults) got lazy, busy, uninspired.  Lame. 
The past couple years we did family costumes one year lions & last year we were super heros.  So fun!  If you need motivation at the final hour to pull out a cute DIY costume, here are my faves!

for her [SNAIL]- no surprise this was spotted on Oh Happy Day!
Hum... maybe i can pull this together for mom?  Am I too old to be a snail?
for him: [Carl Fredricksen] of UP

snail directions here
UP   directions here

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  1. I love both of those costumes, so cute! I need to be more creative in that department...guess there is always next year!