Friday, October 19, 2012

Fight for Jennie!

October is Breast cancer awareness month, I am no activist but I'll tell you this much, Jennie Grimes is an inspiration to me.  She holds so much strength it's unreal.  Her voice and her involvement in her cancer fight is commendable.  She's 32, same age as myself, and fighting Stage IV cancer.  She was diagnosed 5 years ago with breast cancer at the tender age of 27.  At an age when her peers were planning their wedding and possibly welcoming new babies into their life.  Jennie began fighting breast cancer.  And fighting is an understatement.  Unfortunately her cancer has spread and progressed to stage IV.  She thrives everyday, with smiles and love that is infectious.  Her story has hit me close to home, we went to High School together, played softball together.  Why did it happen to her?   It also happened to two other young women I grew up with.   I hit my aunt when she was a young mother.  Why?  We don't know why.
 Each time I read her blog posts I well up with tears.  It angers me, it saddens me, her struggle is unimaginable.
From the outside looking in, she is one face of so many other women who have also been affected by this disease.  Let her be an inspiration to us all to give back in the fight against cancer.  


Help make her “five year cancerversary” better by donating even $5 to research: 

I donated!  Will you?

or go here to learn more.

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