Friday, November 9, 2012

chalkboard paint...anything

So basically, if you chalkboard paint anything... it makes it pretty cute.   For wedding boards, kids tables, pumpkins, coasters and of course the wall!  Why is it so trendy right now?  Personally I'm not a huge fan of the chalk dust that lingers but I do love the ability to provide instant entertainment.  I imagine my chalk dust problem is a result from my 3 yr old boy playing space ship with the eraser.  Not to worry- he'll out grown that.

Painting coaster, fun for guests
Paint the dining room wall black-  write on it... or not?  Either way it has a dramatic affect.
A little touch on wood building blocks allows the kids to be more creative with castles.
Only painting the top of a play table
Holiday Cards!  Such an easy DIY.
Paint it pink!
Images courtesy of: here


  1. I love these ideas! The tabletop with the chalkboard paint looks so fun and cute! And I really love the look of it on the dining room wall- very dramatic!

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