Monday, November 5, 2012

stencil walls

I just completed a portion of a project last week where I had my fave decorative painter (Caroline Lizarraga) treat a few areas in my clients home.  In the Entry we decided to do a stencil pattern only on one wall heading up the stair.  It turned out striking!  It was such a bang that I may be stenciling on every project!  Depending on the paint color you use, it can be dramatic, sophisticated or super fun & youthful.
Strictly black & white wall then the contrast bright color accents in the bedding. vibrant! [1]
More masculine & dramatic, I like the metallic touch.  [2]
I will do this in my home one day!  I adore the over sized geometric pattern.  So fun!  [3]
A simple touch of pattern in an Entry way.  Tonal chevron [4]
Black walls in a nursery, why not!?  The white pattern makes it super playful. [5]
Again, another entry I adore!  This has a washed finish to make it feel a little more rustic. [6] 

We hope to complete the rest of the project by the end of the year, here is a teaser of the one wall!
1  2  3  4  5  6  7


  1. Love the wallpaper in photo #2 (masculine and dramatic.) Where can I find it?

  2. What stencil is used in the second photo?

  3. What stencil is used in the second photo?

  4. YES!! What Stencil is used in the second photo please???