Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hand-written thanks

You know what I love?  A good old fashioned hand-written Thank You note.  My mother trained us well, after receiving a gift, we must write a thank you note.  Admittedly, my sister is much more disciplined at it than I, but I definitely try to continue with that tradition when I can.
  We often get so lost in the virtual world of e-mail and blogging that it's so nice to have something tangible- a card.
I'm on this rant because a dear friend and fellow designer, crafts person, mother, & all around awesome woman... just sent me the most amazing THANK YOU gift!
Melinda of Rincon Road who creates hand printed accessories for the home and who also writes Farm Fresh, where she documents her experience of raising kids & her growing design business, had this great idea of a valentine thank you in a box.  Here is a snap shop of my treat but if you want to see the process in more detail- look here!

Obviously she has good taste and a killer sense of style.  Her block-printing products are featured in publications and selling like hot-cakes on Etsy!  You know you want to go look!

Thank YOU Melinda for being such an inspiration to me.  I love my hot tamale box!

Snap Shot of one of her products

In this months issue of Santa Barbara's Magazine BEST OF issue!  Go check it out!

When is the last time you sent or received a hand-written card? 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

growing up near the Gate

In the middle of a construction project sometimes you get bogged down by all the little details and forget how fun this really is and how amazing it is to see a project complete! 

I'm doing a remodel project in the Inner Richmond district which is just a stones throw away from the Golden Gate Bridge.  After nailing most of the design for the main rooms, I have moved on to the fun kids rooms!  Family of 4 w/ two young ones in the house, a 3 year old and one on the way.

When trying to select the design for the oldest son's big boy room in his new house, mom mentions that her 3-year old is very proud of his geography, he enjoys naming his local landmarks: Coit Tower, the painted ladies, Alcatraz, the GG Bridge.  What a cool place to grow up! 
Immediately my mind went to one of my fave kid books: M.Sasek's series "This is San Francisco."  The Czech illustrator & author did such a good job at capturing the city, I love his sketches, colors and vintage flair.  This book, along with the GG Bridge color was very much an inspiration for this 'big boy' room.
I may have to steal this design for my own son's room!

Monday, February 13, 2012

my personal self

After a dwindling blog record these past couple months, I'm trying to come back!

 I am still very new to blogging but man am I happy that I hopped on this train when I did.  It's been a very insightful experience both personally and professionally.  While I was a stay at home mom, I thought about blogging- a lot.  I always had ideas come up at inopportune times, driving to the playground, picking up toys, washing dishes, tuning out a tantrum.  I began jotting these ideas down wherever I could; on a post it note, the back of receipts.  
I knew I had to jump on this.

Starting this blog was simultaneous with taking em design to the next level.  I decided I wanted to work again.  It was a tough decision to go from stay-at-home mom to working mom.   I started working occasionally, 2-3 days a week, slowly getting myself out into the world again.   The other interesting thing about getting back into this in 2011 is that the economy had tanked over the past couple years, I mean tanked.  So I was coming back into design where the entire biz of high-end residential had totally changed!  Clients were different, budgets were different, social networking was huge now, product was more available to the public.

I really had to ‘re-invent’ myself as a designer.  I felt like I bowed out at the perfect time, missed the storm and now I’m back on track when things are picking up again.
I realized one afternoon that I felt more creative and confident than I ever had!  Ever, ever ever.  More than in school, more than when I was super jazzed to get my first job; something about becoming a parent had profoundly changed me.  Duh.  But really, I was booming with energy. 

Motherhood blows me away daily, I am still in awe sometimes as to the person that I've become after becoming a mother.  It has put my life in perspective.  I love what I do for my job, I love my husband (he's my rock), and I love being a mom most of all.  Because for me, at the end of the day, nothing else matters but my family & their happiness.

I feel like that intense love for another human being has actually lightening me up and allowed me to be more creative!  

This is my personal rant, I hope you don't mind!  It feels good to share.

So on this fantastic Valentine's Day, I guess I just have an outpouring of love to share- with everyone!
ella bella floral

Saturday, February 4, 2012

i wheelie like you

My son received his acceptance letter into pre-school this week.  Acceptance letter?!  Is this really happening?  I know this is a huge milestone for him but it's also a huge milestone for me!  A transition out of the home and into the schools.  *insert small tear here
Immediately got me thinking about all the fun relationships I'll develop with his friends' parents, cupcake day for birthdays, homework, PTA meetings!  Will I be the cool mom?
With Valentine's day right around the corner, this schooling business got my creative juices thinking about valentine goodies.  What would I make if I actually had 2 hours to spare at night?  No store bought cheapies but cool hand-made DIY valentines!
Obviously this is much more fun for me than him but hey- who cares!  Maybe I'll wait until next year before I turn into a crazy PTA mom but I'm raring to go. 
I love being a mom.
Recently got hooked on the Crafty Crow where I get a ton of ideas from! 

I think this is the big winner!  Especially for my son- he is a 'car' guy.
for my little love bugs.

who can compete with a useful partying gift?
For the writers in the family, a cute play on words... mom... you like it?!

I figure my craftastic sister would love something like this!

What are some of your past faves?