Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Buzzing with excitement

Today was a big day for EM DESIGN!  I was finally able to reveal my completed Teen Hang Out room to the public during Press Day!  Whoa, what a whirlwind and fun experience.  I feel really good about the end result and definitely feel a buzz around great products I used and the color combination!  Here is a sneak peek.  If you want to head to this incredible home, we'd love to have you! 
More photos of the room will be up on my site later this month so stay tuned.  And to top off all the great excitement of this new fun room, I have a new fun logo and website to reveal too!
Snap Shot of the collateral, do you notice the amazing blind hit letterpress pattern!  Nice Work George

Monday, April 16, 2012

Go Neon!

I know Neon is really big this Spring, and I'm definitely on the bandwagon.  I still remember fondly shopping for the perfect pair of Neon tie-dye shorts in the summer of nineteen eighty...(something).  Well, it's back in 2012 and better than ever!
I created these super cool shelves out of acrylic (Lucite, whatever you prefer- it's plastic!) where I have a 3/4" thick clear acrylic wrapped on (3) edges with 1/8" neon acrylic!   They Glow even with very little light on them.  The result is a million times better than I expected!  So jazzed about this product I made. 

I supported them with rusty metal brackets found at Restoration Hardware.  Just a peek, to see the full room, you have to come to 2020 Jackson in May.  If you are interested in discount tickets, shoot me an e-mail!   As I keep doing my install for Showcase these next couple weeks, I'm sure I'll keep posting photos of details. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

putting Britt + Whit to the test

I had the pleasure of a styling pow-wow with San Francisco bloggers Britt + Whit.  If you aren't familiar with their blog, you've got to check them out.  Especially for styling tips on Bay Area living.  We don't have many maxi dress days but they do it up by layering a maxi with a sleek leather jacket.  I have some decent basics in my wardrobe but I don't always know how to put them together.  
The girls came over, perused through my closet and helped me pick some awesome outfits!
Here was one of my faves that came out of the meeting.

Fiery red Joe's Jeans with my fave new black & white stripe blouse.  Another new addition I can't get enough of is my neon green chain necklace!

Britt styling an everyday work outfit.  A great tip they mentioned was to check out J.Crew catalog for simple styling looks.  Layer a belt, accessories & mix unexpected colors together!
My new Madewell Roseblossom skirt.  I'm obsessed with this color right now!
Do not forget the jewelry!  I'm obviously a fan of gold right now!
Blousing it! 

Laying it all out there!
I think these girls are on to something!  Maybe they should start styling locals, you think?

One of the lessons I learned was that fashion styling isn't much different than styling interiors.  As long as you have the basics down, adding on the layers to add interest and integrating unexpected pops of colors- bam! you have a classy fashion forward outfit!
photo credits: Portraits to the People