Friday, August 24, 2012

It's her party- She's 2!

She's almost 2!  As fun as it is to see my little one grow up, every year I always have a teeny bit of sadness to know that Isabel will never be this age again.  She won't have this amazingly cute voice forever and maybe one day she'll grow into those big blue eyes.  Guess I'm feeling a tad sentimental, can you blame me?  I want to bottle her little sassiness up and save it forever.
 We are headed out of town on her actual birthday so we had a small family gathering last weekend.  She asked for Princess cookie cakes.  Such a girly girl.  No, I didn't make her that fabulous wreath cake below, {maybe when she's 13} but we did make the cute sprinkle cookies (bottom left). 
Fun Ideas for a DIY Princess party.  For sources, click here.

Happy Birthday Isabel!

A look back to last year.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Race car driver jeans

This is me, waiting to go into a meeting... sort of.  But that's pretty much what I look like on a normal work day.  Are you digging my new mustard yellow jeans as much as I am?  This morning, my 3 year old son told says "Mom, you're wearing race car driver jeans!"  Points for me. 
Highlights: Bow Tie Boutonnieree by Zelma Rose.  My husband actually wore this here, but I stole it for my wardrobe.  A fun punch of color on a normally very simple navy blazer. 
My carry all for design meetings lately.  Can't tell you how long I was on the hunt for an inexpensive & durable tote.
 Now... On to my Evening.  Often in my line of work I transition from go go go all day, into an evening event.  Luckily, all I need to go from night to day is often an accessory or a purse change. 
Here I ditched the blazer, put on a set of vintage necklaces {borrowed from my sister}, freshened up my lipstick and I'm off to meet friends for drinks.

Blouse: Urban Outfitters/ Similar  |  Blazer:  H&M/ Similar  |  Pants: Similar  |  Shoes: Similar  |  Belt: J.Crew  |  Tote:  Zara  |  Zig Zag Ring: House of Harlow  |  Necklaces: vintage
Photo credit: Portraits to the People

Monday, August 20, 2012

Porter Teleo Wall coverings

Have you seen this yet?  I'm completely enamoured with this line.  Of course Kelly Wearstler has gotten her hands on it.  It's a line of hand painted wall coverings developed by artist Kelly Porter and interior designer Bridgett Cochran.  Porter Teleo use wood blocking, painting and chine colle. {if you want to learn more about this process read here.}  Please, may I spec it for a project?!  Being that they are pressed on handmade Japanese papers, maybe I'll wait until I have a client without kids? Either way, a girl can dream!


It's wild, fun and fabulous and I want to use it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neon Bauble

I've been trying to find the right combo for my new Jackson Bauble necklace.  Remember I got it a few weeks ago?  I'm digging the highlighter yellow, let's hope I can carry this neon trend into the Fall.  How fab would it look with an all black ensemble?  Classy right!
Keeping it business casual today, I am wearing my fave chambray shirt with a blush colored crocheted tank.  My fave black skinny jeans from Gap, keep me comfy as I run around designing and keeping up with clients!  What you can 't see on this fantastic necklace is the mint colored ribbon that ties it up.  Some days, I wear it long & the ribbon shows or today... I tucked it under my shirt to make a shorter necklace.  Genius.

necklace  |  chambray  |  tank  |  jeansbelt  |  shoes {similar}  |  purse {vintage}

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dorm Room Duo

I've been working on a few fun rooms for clients lately that have teenagers or more like {pre} teens.  Either way, their design ideas don't resemble an ounce of the pre-teen room I had when I was 12 years old.  They feel much more sophisticated and cool thanks to Urban Outfitters and other places making hip design accessible to youth.  While designing these I felt like it would be super fun translating these ideas into a dorm room.  If you could by-pass the horrendous wood paneling, florescent lighting and extra-long twin beds, it could be super cute.  Here is a snippet of what I've been drumming up for them.
 print  |  light  |  bed  |  shelves  |  chair  |  rug  |  bedding  |  table  |  pillow 
neon  |  bed  |  rug  |  lamppillow  |  throw  | paper  |  bedding  |  chair
I also found a few images of rooms that are a million times cooler than the dorm room I had Freshman Year!
For the Suite?!
We should have a dorm design challenge.  Any Takers?!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Going going gone

I know you've been looking for a gigantic sofa sectional pit, aren't we all?  Conversation pits are hot and lucky for you, I'm having a little sale through August on the piece I had custom made!  It's my last ditch effort before I go ahead and deliver this awesome stuff to my own living room!  So get it while you can.
If you would like specifics, dimensions, etc... please e-mail me here.  I've had a lot of interest in the Neon sign.  It is SOLD but I am happy to make more, not a problem!

Sofa Pits are making a comeback but did you know when sofa pits first got trendy?  One of the first conversation pits was in the Miller House; Columbus, Indiana, designed by Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard in the 1950's. (shown below)  Architects were trying to maximize space and create a sleek line so they often recessed them.  So fab.  I also think they were pretty groovy in the 70's when they were the epitome of a sexy bachelor pad. 
Indoor/outdoor vibe
1970's retro bachelor pad, working it on the pit.  Did you notice the projector hanging from the ceiling?  That's big pimpin'.
Terence Conran's 1974 The House Book
This one...not so much.
Yes please!  found here.

It's Friday and I'm pretty jazzed about that.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christian, I heart you

Since I'm cleaning out the house this week of all the furniture I've hoarded away after showcase, I figured I'd dedicate this fantastic Wednesday Wears to the super fabulous dress I wore to the opening party of the showcase.  I was lucky enough to wear a Christian Siriano Tulip dress.   
You say what?!
Yes, sometimes you just have to ask...  
Please explain.
The fantastically cool back story of my obsession can be found here and here but basically I had been inspired by his fashion line since I laid eyes on it back in January.  He was so spot on with the color trends for the coming Spring/Summer season, I took that vibe and ran with it for my Teen Room.

Me getting ready in my cute dress.  A tad giddy.
I figured, how perfect would it be to wear one of his gowns at the event?!  Maybe this one?  or that one?
So late one night I  emailed his general web e-mail address telling him my dreams of wearing a Christian gown to my event, yada yada.  Jump forward a couple months and believe it or not, 2 days before the event.... I get a box in the mail with a dress that CS sent from NYC!  Yes, he seriously came through?!  Really?
The fun part... the green tulip dress fit like a glove!  And it completely matched my room!  I had rushed out a week before to Payless and scored these super cute Christian Siriano for Payless pumps, shown here.  I mean really?  How fab is this?  A girls dream come true.
My uber helpful besties Cecile & Coco who helped me with this project from the beginning!  So thankful for them.           **I scored the vintage purple necklace from Coco's collection of costume jewelry. 
My girl Laurie, who is my first full-timer at EM Design. 
My hubby Andrew looking so suave!   
Pardon the crappy pics but I was too wrapped up in a fun night and only took pics with my iPhone!

Thanks Christian!