Wednesday, October 31, 2012

peter pan collar

I scored this cute dress at H & M, love the touch of leather in the peter pan collar.


 dress: H & M  |  jacket: (old) similar  |  tights: American Apparel  |  shoes:  similar  | clutch:  vintage

Happy Halloween Wednesday Wears.  No, I'm not in costume today.  But I'm trying a new costume for me- dresses.  I love dresses in theory.  But I'm typically a pants girl.  I have to admit, I like feeling girly and a little more dressed up and I'm going to try to wear them more often.  I've also worn this with skinny black jeans, so it's a happy comprismise shall we say.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

fave DIY kid costume

We completely dropped the ball this year with costumes.  The kids were picky about what they wanted to be and we (adults) got lazy, busy, uninspired.  Lame. 
The past couple years we did family costumes one year lions & last year we were super heros.  So fun!  If you need motivation at the final hour to pull out a cute DIY costume, here are my faves!

for her [SNAIL]- no surprise this was spotted on Oh Happy Day!
Hum... maybe i can pull this together for mom?  Am I too old to be a snail?
for him: [Carl Fredricksen] of UP

snail directions here
UP   directions here

Monday, October 29, 2012

punkin's for everyone

 Seems like carving is a thing of the past.  Painting, chalkboard, or bedazzling =  brilliant.  Especially with little ones around...knives and pumpkins don't jive too well!
Given the incredible natural colors of pumpkins, I say, even leave them in their natural state!
We enjoyed a fun adventure down to Half Moon Bay last weekend and have yet to decorate our 'kins.  We'll see what inspires us this week. 
For the Country Girl in me.
I love what Small Fry blog did- painted them w/ chalkboard paint so the kids become the artist.
Shaunna from perfectly imperfect had a new twist on chalk paint pumpkins, mixed with some craft paint and metallic touches.  Blue, why not?
Erika of Small Shop Studio bedazzled hers with her daughter.  My daughter isn't quite ready for that, maybe next year!

Aden was super proud of his Gigantic pumpkins!
"I want THIS ONE mom"
I'll  post our final pumpkin designs later this week.

Friday, October 26, 2012

black + white + caramel

I am really digging this very simple modern look of black & white but with hints of caramel brown.  Whiskey, whatever you want to call it.  My favorite is the stark white walls with vintage caramel colored leather.  It's very sleek and simple but the tones of brown really soften it, making the spaces more warm than modern.
A touch of Scandinavian, a touch of mid-century.
Possibly this is my alter ego, an interior that is clean, simple and sparse.  My life is anything but.  With kids and toys and 'stuff' scattered all around.  I crave the simplicity of these spaces.  So, for the mean-time, I will enjoy it in these images. 



Happy Friday to us!  Surviving a sick day and a crazy busy [weird] week.  Cheers to an incredible weekend!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jeans and a Tee

shellac nail color: [love these names!] Plum & Done + Hot Rod Red
I used an old silk hair tie for my belt.
I needed a simple day.  Jean(skirt) and a grey tee kind of day.  The weekend was a whirlwind followed by an equally whirlwind of a week.  I am just riding it out trying to stay sane.

A big positive moment, I'm loving this Fall weather!  Between the sun rays and down-pours the sky is incredible.   I love these sunny & crisp days.    

pocket tee: Madewell  |  chambray maxi   | wedges:  Similar  | 

Monday, October 22, 2012

coffee tables moms love

How do you make a living space work with kids AND look nice?  It's not always easy and you often have to find compromise. 
My clients are always asking for a space that is pleasing for them and their families.   Whether their kids are school age or teeny toddlers; their needs are all the same, the space needs to be practical and attractive
Here are a few of my 'go-to' pieces that attract a wide range of styles.
1- Lee Industries    2-Dwell Studio   3- Room & Board  4-Anthropologie  5-LandofNod     6- Lex Mod  7-Jonathan Adler  8-Hickory Chair   9-Bludot
 1-MGBW   2-Bungalow5   3-Plantation Home   4-Vintage lucite   5-Hickory   6-Bungalow5    7-Ikea   8-Zincdoor    9- Restoration Hardware

My general advice is:
  • Buy something affordable. Your needs may change in about 3-5 years so commit to a piece that will last as long as you need it.
  • Be practical.  If you have kids under 3, it's smart to have super soft edges; try an upholstered ottoman or poufs.
  • Provide storage.  Pre-school age+ probably requires something with storage.  A drawer to hide a coloring book or a few toys.
  • Any age, the table needs to be durable.  If I find a table I love that is white, paint it!  If you apply a high-gloss paint it's easily wipe able.  If it gets warn down, re-paint it in a year!
  • Keep it simple.  The space may not reflect your dream design but it's important to be realistic.  You have kids, they are hard on furniture.  Get something that can take a beating and know you can replace it down the road.
Do you have any family friendly coffee table favorites you want to share?
Do tell!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fight for Jennie!

October is Breast cancer awareness month, I am no activist but I'll tell you this much, Jennie Grimes is an inspiration to me.  She holds so much strength it's unreal.  Her voice and her involvement in her cancer fight is commendable.  She's 32, same age as myself, and fighting Stage IV cancer.  She was diagnosed 5 years ago with breast cancer at the tender age of 27.  At an age when her peers were planning their wedding and possibly welcoming new babies into their life.  Jennie began fighting breast cancer.  And fighting is an understatement.  Unfortunately her cancer has spread and progressed to stage IV.  She thrives everyday, with smiles and love that is infectious.  Her story has hit me close to home, we went to High School together, played softball together.  Why did it happen to her?   It also happened to two other young women I grew up with.   I hit my aunt when she was a young mother.  Why?  We don't know why.
 Each time I read her blog posts I well up with tears.  It angers me, it saddens me, her struggle is unimaginable.
From the outside looking in, she is one face of so many other women who have also been affected by this disease.  Let her be an inspiration to us all to give back in the fight against cancer.  


Help make her “five year cancerversary” better by donating even $5 to research: 

I donated!  Will you?

or go here to learn more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My sister loves my messy bun.

Yes I'm a dork too!  Gotta love taking fashion pics on a busy street, we were having fun while cars drove by honking.
I love this color Indigo!  I actually found it at Express, which cracks me up.  I used to shop there in college, growing up in Denver I thought that store was so fab!  I probably haven't stepped foot in one in over 10 years.  Recently running errands I spotted this in the window and loved it.  So here I go, I'm a fan of Express again.
This weather is dreamy, loving October in San Francisco!
 blouse: Express  |  faux leather pants: Similar  |  shoes: Christian Sirano for Payless  |   necklace: House of Harlow     |    photo credit: Portraits to the People