Tuesday, February 12, 2013

seeing red

Is anyone tired of Valentines talk yet?  Well unfortunately, there are still a few more days...so hang on.  In college I remember my single girlfriends and I used to have 'anti-Valentine's day' dinners.  We'd go to a romantic restaurant, drink way too much red wine and have a blast mocking all the mushy lovebirds.  Scrooge I know.
Now, as a mother, I've found a new appreciation for it.  One being that my daughter loves pink & red so much, she thinks it's all for her. 
She's 2, so I hear "is it my birthday mama?"  Making Valentines cards together, prancing around and enjoying all things girly, I LOVE this!
Swimming in inspiration, here are some cuties that caught my eye recently.
  1- Zelma Rose pendant   |   2- neon   |   3- pendant  |   4- floral   |   5- Stokke   |   6- pouf   |   7 - macaroons  |   8- pillow   |   9- Hunter   |  10- arrow treat

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  1. Thanks for featuring my necklace Em!! Heart you woman xoxo