Tuesday, March 5, 2013

*New Digs!

I moved my office to Sausalito back in December.  It was right in between Christmas and New Year's and right before I moved my family up to Sonoma.  Two big moves in a couple months, needless to say I've been treading water trying to get settled in and continue working. 
 I'm a Virgo and really crave order and organization.  The problem is, I get things organized to a point, then burn out or run out of time!  My sister and I joke that 'it looks good from the front'.  Overall, I have it pretty together but my garage and storage area look like a bomb went off. My files are disheveled and my desk is typically a mess.  Drives me nuts!  

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I long for cleanliness and simplicity in my space.  It gives my mind a place to relax and not have too much visual clutter while I design.  This is what I have so far.  People keep asking what my space looks like, you may have seen some sneak peeks here and here and on my announcement.  I'll take more final pics soon enough- sigh!

I've been eyeing some pretty fantastic offices that have been filing up my Pinterest boards, as seen below.  The basics of black, white and earthy accents.  Next step- Inspiration Boards for the wall!

Inspiration Images, here

We love Sausalito!  Tootles.
Thank you Rachel Vrana for painting this sweet map for my announcement.

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