Wednesday, March 13, 2013

pink hat



 I have had this pink hat for eons, I think I got it for a 'pink' party my sister had a million years ago.  Poor thing has been sitting in a box crunched up for years and I finally brought it back to life.  It makes me smile.

I love the honesty of kids, this morning my daughter verbalizes her view on my get up- "you look like a penguin, wait, no- a bug.  So a penguin bug.  But animal print so..."  She had no idea what to think of the leopard print flowing blouse with penguin jacket and a pink hat.  But she also told me I'm a princess because my shoes are sparkly gold.  Luckily, I'm still a winner in her book and that is all that matters!

Happy Wednesday!  My son turns 4 tomorrow so I'm full of sentiment and smiles.  I love celebrating the little ones birthdays!

Also, if you get the chance to head over to COUP d"ETAT in SF, please check out a new installation they put up by Artist Paolo Troilo who paints with his fingers!  His work is incredible!


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