Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Napa Valley Showhouse - Hallway Inspiration

Another Napa Valley showhouse update! Along with the sitting room I revealed last week, I'm also in charge of the hallway. Hallways may not be the most loved room of the house but they mustn't be forgotten! For this project I selected a beautiful vine green by Benjamin Moore for the ceiling. Color is a great tool to experiment with because it isn't permanent yet still makes a big impact. Painting the ceiling is a more muted alternative than painting all the walls a bright color.  I'm keeping the walls neutral with white dove and painting all of the trim kendall charcoal. The door will also be painted kendall charcoal but the trim will be gold as seen in the picture above. A cool Kelly Wearslter runner from The Rug Company adds a little texture and pattern and an odette lantern tops it all off. I think it's coming together nicely! Stop by on October 10th - November 17th for the final result!

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