Friday, September 13, 2013

Porter Telco newbies

|  1 Outside the Box   |   2  sculpture   |   3  lamp    |   4   console   |
Remember when I was raving about these Porter Teleo wallpapers last year? Well, they've got new patterns this year and I've been dreaming about how I'd use them. Each one is hand printed and painted using the finest materials. My first thought was an entryway using the paper behind a console and funky lamp. I mean, who wouldn't want to walk into a home like this?

Wallpaper often scares people away but I like the impact it has on a room. There's something about a bold wall that pushes the limits in the color and pattern department. When designing an entryway with such dominant colors and patterns, I wanted to keep accessories neutral yet fun. Add a sleek console with a funky lamp, some mod sculptures and voila.

|  1 Floral Graffiti  |   2  sculpture   |   3  lamp    |   4   console   |
What's your favorite paper design out of the group?  

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