Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Fun

Can you believe Halloween is right around the corner?  As a kid I remember planning my costume months in advance until every detail was just perfect.  My parents always encouraged us to use items around the house.   I've been a butterfly, a pair of dice (out of a box & spent the entire holiday walking around with my best friend so we remained a 'pair') or more recently a Neon super hero!

Now that I'm a mother myself I want to carry on the tradition and give my kids the same experience that I had. The last few years we have dressed up as a family but our kids are getting old enough that they don't necessarily want to do the same things as us. ; (  Here are some really cute DIY couples costumes that we might try.

Jordan of Oh Happy Day always has the cutest kid costume ideas on her blog. This year's theme was fashion icons. She pretty much nailed it with the Iris Apfel costume. Too cute!! Last year's theme was artists which are so fun.

Does your family dress up for Halloween? What are some of your favorite costume ideas?

Artist costumes via

Fashion icon costumes via

Can't seem to get any good shots of us on Halloween, but here are a few from years past.  
Lions | Neon Super Heroes | Aden the Car Driver

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