Wednesday, March 13, 2013

pink hat



 I have had this pink hat for eons, I think I got it for a 'pink' party my sister had a million years ago.  Poor thing has been sitting in a box crunched up for years and I finally brought it back to life.  It makes me smile.

I love the honesty of kids, this morning my daughter verbalizes her view on my get up- "you look like a penguin, wait, no- a bug.  So a penguin bug.  But animal print so..."  She had no idea what to think of the leopard print flowing blouse with penguin jacket and a pink hat.  But she also told me I'm a princess because my shoes are sparkly gold.  Luckily, I'm still a winner in her book and that is all that matters!

Happy Wednesday!  My son turns 4 tomorrow so I'm full of sentiment and smiles.  I love celebrating the little ones birthdays!

Also, if you get the chance to head over to COUP d"ETAT in SF, please check out a new installation they put up by Artist Paolo Troilo who paints with his fingers!  His work is incredible!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

i heart you land of nod

These guys really know what they are doing.  I'm really impressed with the style and selection at Land Of Nod.  And don't forget, it's not just for kids!  They have great pieces that you can easily style into an adult space as well.  I'll work one up and show you, just wait!  Hard to pick but these are a few pieces that I think are way too cute.  If you really want an overdose of 'too cute' you also have to check out their adorably creative blog: Honest To Nod!

This table lamp, 'Between a Rock' has to be the Cutest thing ever!  I've got to get my hands on one.   I think my desk will be it's next home.
I can't get enough of anything soft goods; rugs, bedding, pillows, fabric...  they have such a great array of product for kids of any age and any style.  

For HER: Animales Graficos bedding, very much inspired by the Otomi patterns.
For HIM: Camp Iwannadrinkawawwa Bedding, really?  Who is in charge of naming here? 
For BABY: Hop to It.  Oh, I wish they had this when my daughter was a baby!
Wouldn't this be cute to pair with Hop to It for Twins?!
Candy Dot Rug
ART & DECORATION: from prints to super fun painted animal heads
Amethyst print

Gold wall decals, yup, they have 'em!
I obviously love wall letters!

Another Great piece that would be perfect for an adult space also!

My client love their furniture, it's good quality, affordable and always has an edge over the trends.

stump stool
Looking glass chair in Raspberry 
This is a Great piece for toy storage!  Great enough to integrate play storage into your main living space if need be! 

Fave kids bed right now, hands down!   Raspberry Jenny Lind bed.
Joya Rocker, very mod and timeless. 

Monarch nightstand- from baby to teen, it's a good staple for any kids room.
Low Rise crib, style that won't break the bank.

Ok, I'll stop!

What's your favorite room that's been charmed with Land of Nod?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

dress with pockets

Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?  This is another Jamie Lau dress, I loved this one because of the pattern and the pockets!  I keep gravitating towards this chevron/arrow pattern for my interior fabrics as well.   It's modern with an ethnic flair.  See... like this tea towel I just bought designed by a good friend of mine!  She's having a sale on Brika for a few more days, check it out!  How'd you like that detour train of thought?

Dress: Jamie Lau  |  shoes: BC wedges (similar) |  tights: American Apparel  |  jewelry: vintage  | tea towel: Rincon Road

photo credit: Portraits to the People

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

*New Digs!

I moved my office to Sausalito back in December.  It was right in between Christmas and New Year's and right before I moved my family up to Sonoma.  Two big moves in a couple months, needless to say I've been treading water trying to get settled in and continue working. 
 I'm a Virgo and really crave order and organization.  The problem is, I get things organized to a point, then burn out or run out of time!  My sister and I joke that 'it looks good from the front'.  Overall, I have it pretty together but my garage and storage area look like a bomb went off. My files are disheveled and my desk is typically a mess.  Drives me nuts!  

1 |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10  

I long for cleanliness and simplicity in my space.  It gives my mind a place to relax and not have too much visual clutter while I design.  This is what I have so far.  People keep asking what my space looks like, you may have seen some sneak peeks here and here and on my announcement.  I'll take more final pics soon enough- sigh!

I've been eyeing some pretty fantastic offices that have been filing up my Pinterest boards, as seen below.  The basics of black, white and earthy accents.  Next step- Inspiration Boards for the wall!

Inspiration Images, here

We love Sausalito!  Tootles.
Thank you Rachel Vrana for painting this sweet map for my announcement.