Monday, July 8, 2013

peacock blue & parrot green

I have a soft spot for textiles, that's usually where I begin any project inspiration.  Recently, I began working on a project where we spotted a vintage dresser that was the most striking color of peacock blue.  So we went with that a ran.

Looking to brighten up a drab space and bring joy into an otherwise sleepy space, Aren't these great!?

 ^ ^ ESKAYEL ^ ^  Festival Feast
 ^ ^ ESKAYEL ^ ^  The Knitting
 ^ ^ SEEMAKRISH ^ ^  Mahalaxmi- Mughal Blue 

^ ^ SEEMAKRISH ^ ^  Chowpatty- Parrot Green
^ ^ SEQUANA ^ ^  Spring Leaves
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Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

manifesto :: EVOLVE

I get a lot of questions from fellow moms and non-moms about 'How do you juggle it all?'  I guess I don't see it as juggling, it just IS.  Life as a parent is hard.  Life as a working parent is equally hard.  The reality is I really love what I do.  Not as much as I love my kids, but I do.  Doing Interior Design is the only profession I ever imagined doing.
So parenthood goes hand in hand with owning a business.  I love my 'job' so much that it's not really work.  There are days that are incredibly gratifying and days when I think, 'how am I ever going to get through this'.  I think every parent feels like with their kids as well.
This is all I know so I just keep adjusting my methods in order to create a healthy & happy life for myself and my family.
I think I'm on a feminist kick right now, maybe all my long commute hours listening to books on tape, I'm feeling empowered.  Thank you to Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In and a good laugh in Tina Fey's book Bossy Pants, she  helped me find humor in what I'm going through.
I try not to feel guilty for loving my job and wanting to pursue that while still being a MOM.  We can have it all, I do have it all!

So with that rant, it's fitting that I wear the Evolve Manifesto T for my Wednesday Wears this week-  with my son.  Off to work, mixing business and casual, mixing reality of me being a working mom.

I am thankful everyday that I own my own business so if I have an urge to play hooky one day and enjoy a day with my kids- I can.  That freedom grants me so much joy.  What can I say, women have evolved, we are evolving and I'm so proud of my other fellow women business owners.

Isn't it grand?!

An expert from Bossy Pants:

“It isn’t easy having a working mom. Especially when she enjoys her work.” Yes, kids, it’s true: The only thing harder than a mom who has to work is one who actually likes to work. A few years ago, when I wrote what would be the last story I’d write for a parenting magazine, an editor changed a source’s quote from “I love my job and I love my kids” to “I like my job, but I love my kids.” God forbid you have more than one passion in life."

tee  Manifesto by Meg Biram  |  skirt  |  shoes  |  necklace  |  purse  

*all Manifesto Tees are created new each month with a new word \\  each are limited editions

Aden, my cutie son: 4 yrs old