How To Have An Organized Office Nook

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! First of all, I just want to say thank you for stopping by, I do appreciate your effort being here reading my blogs. Now, let’s start our topic for this week: How To Have An Organized Office Nook.  


Of all of the spaces I have in my home, I dearly like my home office space the best. Home Office is a space where you can say that is truly your own. This is the space where you can spend most of your time working when at home, or running a business especially if it is an online one. You can decorate and paint it the way you want, and incorporate into it some personal things that would make it homier. Recently, I find myself wandering toward home offices. Every time I see my office space beautiful and organized it makes me feel more excited to do my work. Today, I will share with you about My Favorite Organized Home Office Space.


When I started reading an article about home and office decorations, I was moved to start decorating my own. I started the redecorating by buying inexpensive furniture and decorations and selling my old one. I even conducted a garage sale for this which made me easily disposed of them. I was lucky to find some suitable items for redecorations at many thrift stores downtown. Contrary to what many believe, you don’t have to buy expensive or brand new furniture during renovations. With creativity and innovations, you can make the second-hand items you bought work. Just have a keen eye for perusing these things and make sure that they are still useable.  


How do you get second-hand items? Simple. You can find thrift stores near you via online search. You can check out also the ads being posted at popular newspapers from time to time. If you know homeowners planning to sell their home after they read the reviews we buy houses company, you can check out if they are going to sell their used home furniture. You can take advantage of this and get unique pieces that you cannot find on the market now.  


I personally bought a console table that was originally designed for dining room drawer but I altered its purposed and made it hold all my office essentials. I’ve painted the piece with the color that matches the room and added some details and small storage bins to keep my pens, notepad, and files together and neatly. The result was exquisite. Now, all my office supplies are beautifully organized inside the drawers. So when I need items such as a washi tape, cards from contacts, small envelopes etc., I easily find it in this drawer. 


I also got a wall shelves on the market for a cheap price, I painted it and jazzed the brackets up above the console table. I just bought it for display purposes. For me, I like to see things that inspire me and have special meaning while I’m working so I surround my office space with meaningful and inspiring quotes. For an extra storage, I created a simple but pretty box and put it on the wall shelves. To give the boxes a life, I put a framed nice words such as hello, good morning and many others good words that will definitely brighten up my day every time I saw it. The boxes are for storing cards, thank you notes, and photos given by friends. 


For the final touch, I hung a clipboard on the wall so that I will easy to see my scheduling essential and monthly calendar. One holds a 2016 calendar and the other a monthly calendar. To decorate your home, it doesn’t need to have a big space, you’ll just need be creative, neat and organized.